I haven’t posted in 3 years and you may be wondering what has been going on with me. Well, I have taken a position at the C&S Companies as a software engineer. They have a Building Management app called “Q Ware” (the Q stands for queue – like “get in line”) and I have been working on supporting the existing version and the planned move to host it on the Microsoft Azure platform. This is a great opportunity for me to further develop my C# and .Net skills plus learn the intricacies of the Azure platform, which is steadily improving and we hope will allow us to more easily grow our 300 plus subscriber base.

So the bottom line is I am not currently freelancing which has been my primary work mode for over 8 years – I am so glad I cut the corporate cord all those years ago but the realities of health care costs and the depletion of my savings due to medical related expenses has made the move back to corporate world a welcome relief particularly – because my employer allows me to work at Syracuse Coworks, located in bustling downtown Syracuse. Are you an independent worker who is sick of working at home? Check us out; you will not find a cooler co-working community in Upstate NY!

Have a great spring!

Brian Caufield

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