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What I have been working on....


A flight planning resources for commercial pilots. This app incorporates an extensive off-line database of domestic and international airport reference materials.

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Aviation Week

A mobile version of the Aviation Week Magazine that allows subscribers to follow award-winning journalists in a timely fashion.

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Information Tycoon

A building management rental unit-auditing app that cuts the audit time in half.

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Publix Mobile App

A shopping app that features a shopping list organized by aisles with sales info, ad items, recipes and prescription refills.

Almost everything you need to know about me.
Brian Caufield

My experience spans most of the positions possible for software development; while at Carrier Corporation, I create desktop sales tools for their engineers and sales people to configure and price their products. At Time Warner Cable, I made applications that integrated their phone and billing systems and presented the Customer Service rep with detailed billing information based on the caller's phone number. I also created web-based applications that improved tracking and reporting of issues and customer requests. Most recently, I have been working on creating iOS and Android mobile applications and server-based API's that work with these apps. While I have solid UI skills, I tend towards simple functional designs. I always prefer working with a designer when their is a need for public facing interfaces. On the back end, I have worked on both Windows and Linux platforms, and most of the major database servers.

  • All day, sometimes all night and in my dreams...

  • My apps are built in Titanium which I have been working with for over 4 years

  • Most of my back end server are either running Coldfusion or Railo

  • On the back end its all about the data.

Web Sites

Web Sites I have created or maintain

Node Server
Allows admins to manage the installs on subscriber’s devices.

Railo on Apache/MySQL
Encourages users to change their cable provider to Time Warner.

Coldfusion on IIS/MSSQL
Encourages Cable subscribers to rent more on-demand movies.