Non Compete Agreement Radius

When hiring a new doctor, it is important to ask the right questions about obligations due to a former employer. While a candidate may be highly desirable, the time and cost of hiring a non-candidate who is not the subject of a medical practice competition cannot be paid for, and such a decision should be made with appropriate legal advice. That depends. There may be claims that you can claim against the new employer because you did not tell yourself in advance that it was a requirement. These rights vary from state to state and may depend on the applicability of competition bans. More seriously, the employer could sue you to hold you liable for money damages, legal fees and legal fees if you lose the lawsuit. Your employer may also receive a court injunction ordering you to end the competition immediately. In this case, the injunction could effectively prohibit you from competing longer than your original agreement with the employer. And the worst time to know that your employer is serious about your non-compete agreement after investing time and money in starting a business. A non-compete clause is an agreement that, after the termination, dismissal or dismissal of an employee, the employee will not work for a competitor in the same field or geographic area for a competitor in the same field or geographic area as the worker`s former employer for a specified period of time. A non-compete clause is not a joke.

In order to protect your rights, it is important that you have a competent and experienced working lawyer from the Dolman Law Group to review your non-compete agreement and decide whether or not you are legally involved in this rapidly growing legal area. Did the employer provide you with additional compensation or benefits in exchange for your consent to the signing of the non-compete obligations? A company`s investment in its employees, customer relationships and confidential information is too valuable to face unfair competition. MacElree Harvey`s lawyers can help you check your non-competes and develop agreements tailored to your business needs. To agree on a consultation, contact Harry J. DiDonato at 610.840.0237, Robert A. Burke at 610.840.0211 or a member of our business law team. The third example (within a 15-mile radius of the company`s office) is not as clear as it may seem at first. More than 85 years ago, two doctors from Johnson v. McIntyre (Pa. 1932) challenged the meaning of the words “within a 15-mile radius” and had this issue decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.