Service Level Agreement Force Majeure

5.3 The total amount of Service Credits awarded during a twelve (12) month period may in no case exceed one (1) month of a Customer`s cumulative monthly service fee. In the event of a force majeure event within the meaning of the software as-a service agreement, C-Facts may reduce its severity if the customer is unable to provide adequate resources or responses for C-Facts to continue its efforts to resolve the incidents. 2.15 “level of service” means the standards that the company meets and that it measures the level of service it expressly describes as set out below. A service level agreement is a collection of agreements about the agreed service, as set out in the end user license agreement. If the customer believes that the purchased services are not working properly, he may contact C-Facts customer service to take into account the quality of the services on the basis of a service level agreement. Force majeure: Software services may not be available in situations that are not controlled by children, such as security threats, virus alerts, service attacks, power outages, or other failures related to third parties. In such circumstances, the child may perform emergency maintenance and will immediately inform the customer (if possible) by phone or email if the child becomes aware of such an event. The child informs the customer of the threat or problem, the reaction measures taken or proposed by the child to respond to such a threat or problem, the estimated duration of the downtime (if you know it) as well as any recommended measures to be taken by the customer to minimize the effects of the threat or problem and / or identify and resolve the problems posed by the threat or the problem. To the extent that a situation referred to in this Section 5 is the result of or resulting from a condition, circumstance or event caused by or under the control of the Customer or a third party offering products or services to the Customer, the Customer will do its best for (and/or its suppliers); to remove or mitigate as much as possible such conditions, circumstances or events. “force majeure event”: (i) extraordinary State measures: (ii) labour disputes, difficulties or material slowdowns (with the exception of strikes by its own employees): (iii) hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters or fires; (iv) war, rebellion, terrorist act or civil unrest; or (v) any other cause that is not adequately controlled by Lever and that cannot be avoided by due diligence and unless such cause is attributable to Lever.

2.3 “Business Level” is a specific service plan provided by the company. 1.2. Service Credits. For each full percentage point below the percentage of system availability, [PARTY B] receives one additional day of service, up to a maximum of [10] days of service added at the end of the service life at no additional cost to [PARTY B] means “platform failure” whenever the platform service is not functional or unavailable; excluding in particular the following reasons: (i) providers of telecommunications or internet access services of the customer: (ii) an event of force majeure; (iii) maintenance failure; or (iv) an error in customer`s own hardware, software, or network connection. Customers can contact C-Facts customer service 24/7, 365 days a year under or on our website. The customer service team is responsible for technical support communication with customers. Online support is the primary source of support through the available in-app or web-based support channels. Grant the customer a service credit equal to 5% of the monthly fee ColoHouse will be to each customer within 5 business days of the service interruption or violation of any of these SLA goals a definitive reason for failure (RFO).