Faa Minor Change Agreement

The MAG amendment creates a clear requirement for an FAA SPECIFIC form – 8130-3 – to accompany all new parts installed by US repair stations on items that can be exported to the European Union. Unfortunately, the AMF must issue the document in accordance with current FAA rules, usually by the agent of a Production Authorization Holder (PAH). a) Compliance with a license agreement – The OEM may license another company to manufacture the part and notify the FAA. (These requests are addressed directly to the corresponding MIDO for approval of the production and quality control processes) Ca provides guidelines for repair stations established in the United States that obtain, renew or amend an EASA Part 145 authorization in accordance with the United States-European Community Aviation Safety Agreement and the corresponding Maintenance Annex (MAG). ARSA`s recommendations contained a more detailed description of the relationship between the agreement and the MAG and linked the CA directly to the MAG in order to avoid confusion due to future MAG revisions. The “new” documentation requirement for parts imposed on U.S.-based production permit holders by Amendment 5 of the U.S.-EU Maintenance Annexx has been further postponed. On September 28, the FAA confirmed that ARSA`s Form E100 was an acceptable method for meeting U.S. and EASA requirements for the inspection of certain new parts. The letter was signed by the Director of the FAA`s Aircraft Maintenance Division (AFS-300) and delivered to ARSA`s General Manager and General Counsel, Marshall S.

Filler. It also confirmed that Form E100 complied with the Authority`s guidelines (FAA 8900.380) on the documentation required under the bilateral aviation safety agreement between the United States and the European Union, as shown in EU Amendment 6. S.-EU Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG). Q: What is the status of efforts to get the FAA and THE AESA to amend the following statement, which the agencies first sent to ARSA in a letter dated April 14 and then reiterated in both Communication 8900.360 and the new version of Amendment MAG 6? This will greatly affect the entire industry if they maintain their status quo..