Durham University Licence Agreement

1.6. Under no circumstances can or do you have the right to sublet or subdivide third parties to use or grant your room or any other part of the university`s dwelling or other property, in any way or for any reason, especially when they accept a paying tenant or client. You are also not allowed to allow other people or persons to stay in your room or any other part of the accommodation or leave their belongings in your room or any other part of the accommodation, whether you are present or not, including the communication of your room to another person, unless they are expressly authorized by St Chad`s College. For some reason, this agreement cannot be awarded to third parties. The University has given you the opportunity to read the terms of this agreement, including the calendars, as stated here on the University`s website, and has given you the opportunity to share with you all the concerns you and the university have about the nature and effect of this agreement or any of its conditions. Each party is entitled but is not required to refer to the appeal procedure described in it. Durham University is a university and there are 17 colleges in total. There are 16 colleges that accept students. It is important to note that while the university has published online learning and will not issue additional living fees to students who wish to terminate their university accommodation license agreements, any private sector lease is a private contract between the person and the owner. If a student has lived in private housing this year, you should speak directly to your landlord. Unfortunately, the university cannot reimburse the losses for students in the contract with a private provider. 10.4. This licensing agreement, including information on the offer and additional terms provided in point 1.1, constitutes the whole agreement between you and the College regarding the occupancy of your university.

You acknowledge that you do not make this contract on the basis of guarantees, insurance, declarations, agreements or insurance that have been entered into elsewhere, including a website or e-mail communication, except for those specifically mentioned in it. You herehey waive any claim for breach or the right to terminate this Agreement with respect to a guarantee that is not expressly a provision of this Agreement. The university has decided to put teaching online for the Easter period. In addition, the university said it has no fees for students who have permits to stay in university accommodation for Easter. The university continues to welcome students who, at this stage, cannot return home. 1.7. As a general rule, you are not authorized to initiate or engage in official or registered commercial, commercial activities or to use or register a university address for this purpose.