Contract Manufacturing Agreement Doc

This manufacturing contract template should be the first step you take when you employ a company in manufacturing a product for you, it will cover the entire process, from offering to manufacturing future products. This document differs from a sales contract, as the parties only sell goods (which are goods) and not specifically for the manufacture of special products for purchase contracts. This is also different from a distribution agreement, since a supplier of goods resells them or distributes them to another party, the distributor, so that they can be resold. Once you have concluded the first discussions with the manufacturer, you must sign this agreement, then you will be protected from providing him with the intellectual property (i.e. designs) necessary for the manufacturer to give you accurate costs for the manufacture of the product. In addition to the essential provisions for manufacturing, this agreement establishes a timetable that defines the legal basis for the delivery of the products. This schedule includes the delivery (or pick-up) of the products, the ownership of the products, the risks of transport, etc. This document is identical to our standard manufacturing agreement, except that it contains text that the document attributes to us. If you want to use the document without this text, you must purchase the default contract.

This manufacturing contract model is used when one entity is commissioned by another to manufacture a product on its behalf to certain specifications. This model can be used in several countries when the manufacturing process takes place abroad. As a rule, detailed specifications are provided, which can be included in the agreement or delivered according to the customer`s needs.