Business Center Service Agreement

13. Your name and address. You can only pursue this transaction on your behalf or any other name we previously approve. On request and fees, we will include this name in the House directory of the Business Centre, where this is available. You cannot put signs on the doors of your home or for that matter, visible from outside the rooms you use. You cannot use the seat address as a seat address. i. to occupy and use part of the business centre in the premises mentioned for himself, his bonafide employees and his visitors to continue the activity of the client 26 in question. To end your agreement. Each of us can terminate your contract on the end date or end of a three-month extension period, having at least two months ahead of the other.

This agreement was signed between Berkshire Capital Securities LLC (“Berkshire Capital”) and Highbury Financial Inc. (“Highbury”). This agreement replaces the service board agreement between Berkshire Capital and Highbury on December 21, 2005 and amended on November 30, 2006. All payments made by Berkshire Capital of Highbury under the previous agreements become debts from Highbury to Berkshire Capital under this agreement. 9. It was also agreed between the parties and stated that the heresy authorization of the Centre to use part of these premises is not permitted, in addition to the use of office facilities, amenities and business centre services for the client and the client, since the agreement is composed. , indivisible and indivisible. one. The duration of this agreement is three months from the date of this agreement and may be extended for a total of three years, which ends from April 1, 2000 to March 31, 2003, for other similar conditions. However, provided that the Centre may, at its sole discretion and without giving reason, refuse to grant expulsion on that behalf. This agreement dates from May 16, 2009 and has been concluded in Brooklyn NY since and between SE EXECUTIVE SUITES INC.

(SCESII) AND WNS STUDIOS, INC. (CLIENT) closed. SCESI and CLIENT agree that SCESI DEM licenses the use of the offices from time to time in accordance with THE SCESII and, like SCESI to other customers, a licence for the use of SCESI Business Center facilities and services, in accordance with the terms set out here, for and taking into account the agreements and royalties described in them. 9. We guarantee that services are provided and provided in a professional and professional manner and that they correspond to the description of the corresponding services. If we do not provide the services as we have promised, your only and exclusive remedy will be to remedy such a breach on our part within a reasonable time after written notification.