Afghanistan Nug Agreement

Since September, Atta has reportedly been discussing with Ghani membership in the unity government while keeping his power base in Balkh province. Citing Abdullah`s misatpresentation as motivation for reaching a deal with Ghani, he insists that the 2014 agreement between the president and Jamiat existed and not between Abdullah, and claims that his negotiations were aimed at “breaking the current political impasse.” Abdullah`s advisers accuse Atta of promoting his own interests and saying, “Only Abdullah has the authority to discuss and negotiate the content of the [NUG] agreement.” [fn] Atta wrote: “With the good intentions I have seen from the president, I believe that the only way to strengthen the government and improve legitimacy is to establish a common axis to end the current crisis.” “The situation in Afghanistan needs a closer political group”, BBC Online, 18 December 2016. “Fazel Sangcharaki`s interview,” Freedom Radio, December 24, 2016. Crisis Group interview, senior CEO advisor, Kabul, August 2016.See footnote • The appointment of the CEO with the functions of Executive Prime Minister is made by a proposal from second place and the approval of the President. The CEO will be accountable to the President. • The above-mentioned issues and other issues that have been agreed upon shall be implemented in accordance with a timetable attached to this Agreement. As the legislative and regional elections have been postponed several times due to security concerns and political instability, it is not possible to hold a constitutional loya jirga to formalize the CEO`s position, as promised by the NUG agreement. Proposals to end the political impasse of the NUG opposition, led by former President Hamid Karzai and his allies, including early elections or a traditional loya jirga to define a future government agreement, are unlikely to be appreciated by the president or the CEO. Ghani is suspicious of Karzai, while Abdullah is unwilling to risk losing his position as CEO; Both do not want to reduce the NUG`s five-year term. .